Benefits of Nightly Teeth Brushing
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Benefits of Nightly Teeth Brushing

Why should we brush our teeth at night before bed?

We've all heard it from our parents and dentists.

"Brush your teeth before bed!"

Though many, young and old alike, would like to know why it is so important for a person to brush their teeth at night. It seems like a logical question. There are plenty of things in this world we are told that are either not true, or that have been stretched so that it's more believable. So let's go over some of the benefits of brushing your teeth at night, as well as the reasons behind why dentists and parents recommend nightly teeth brushing.

1. Stuck Food

Depending on the sort of foods that you have eaten throughout the day, and how much talking you do, you probably still end up with food stuck in your teeth at the end of the day, even if you can't feel any. When we are awake, we have lots of enamel cleaning and protecting saliva that washes our mouth and helps to break down foods and especially sugar. When we talk, it also pushes around the mouth juices, adding in the cleaning process. When food is left on the teeth while we sleep, especially if it is sugary or acidic, it will start to break down the enamel around our teeth. The enamel is like our teethes shinning armor, and without it, you can have dozens of painful dental problems for life. Basically, not brushing your teeth at night, is like purposely dumping a cup of acid on your teeth and leaving it there while you dream away.

2. Morning Breath

Because brushing your teeth at night removes plaque, food and other foreign objects, it also helps to fend off dragon breath in the morning. It doesn't defeat morning breath all together, but it certainly is the best way to head it off. By not having rotting foods in your mouth, you'll only have slight morning breath caused by your diet, instead of nasty dragon breath caused by infections and rotting foods in your mouth.

These reasons are also the same reasons it is suggested to brush your teeth in the morning when you get up. To help get out anything that you may have missed while sleeping, as well as to get rid of any plaque that formed while your friendly saliva wasn't there, and to fight up morning breath.

Make sure to get yourself a natural hair tooth brush and brush away as often as you can!

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