Fluoridated Drinking Water Should Not Be Mixed With Infant Formula
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Fluoridated Drinking Water Should Not Be Mixed With Infant Formula

Research in the United States of America warns against adding instant baby formula to fluoridated drinking water. There has been a lot of controversy about fluoride in drinking water over the years.

Research in the United States of America warns against adding instant baby formula to fluoridated drinking water.There has been a lot of controversy about fluoride in drinking water over the years. Dental advocate groups believe that it is good for dental health. Safe drinking water advocates are against it and believe that it does more harm than good. Many communities have fluoride in  water supplies naturally while others add it after a vote of common consent. 

In 2006, the National Academy of Sciences came out with results from a study that took over three years to complete. The report stated that infants and children have three to four times the exposure to fluorides than adults do based on weight and size. The evidence showed that the toxic effect of too much fluoridated drinking water can cause enamel fluorosis in teeth. Because of this information, the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association advised that baby formula should either be purchased already mixed or unfluoridated bottled water should be used. Unfortunately, many people have not heard about this health information. Many mothers continue to mix their baby's formula with fluoridated drinking water. Parents who get their formula from the U.S. government WIC program have not been warned. Some people think they are safe if they have a water-filter, but most filters do not get rid of fluorides. Breast feeding would solve the problem, but some mothers are not able to do that for various reasons. 

Dental fluorosis happens when a child is exposed to large amounts of fluoride in the first four years after birth. The mild form shows little white specks or streaks on the teeth. It only affects the appearance because the teeth are still strong. The more severe form results in dark brown or black staining over the teeth as well as damage to the enamel.

There has been some concern by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency about fluoridated drinking water. They have just recently recommended that  levels be lowered to 0.7 per liter of water. Many communities in the U.S. have followed the advice and have set the levels to that amount.  Europeans have learned by trial and error to not add fluorides.  In fact, about two percent of the people in Europe have fluoridated drinking water.


Photo by fotosearch.com 

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Comments (6)

Excellent coverage for the fluoride questions. I have thought from the onset of water sources putting fluoride in the drinking water it was not fully tested to be 100% safe.Now some 15 years it is finally proved not to be safe for all people. Well done awareness report by you!

Excellent article. I have heard so much of this lately. Excellent research. Thank you for bringing this awareness to everyone. Great job.

Very useful information. My first child (now an adult) ended up with fluorosis, unfortunately, and her teeth have given her nothing but problems since. Thanks for writing

Great article on not mixing fluoridated water with infant formula.

great information for parents and child minders!

Gosh I never realised this, brilliant share! I'll store this away for future use :-)