Natural Toothache Treatments
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Natural Toothache Treatments

Dental pain can quickly affect the total health of a person until a dentist discovers the cause of that toothache. Use these natural treatments for successful relief of tooth pain instead of medicine.

Natural toothache treatments do not have side effects like medications do for pain. These are 5 proven, successful remedies to bide you some time until a dentist appointment can be made to remedy the root cause of the toothache.

Anyone that has had a toothache has known a disruption in their life that can consume all the thoughts. Seems as though the tooth almost has a brain to create pain on off hours. It is common for a toothache to begin on a Friday evening after dentist hours are finished for the day and week. All it takes is a flash of pain until the throbbing takes over every thought. The only thing on the mind of a person with a toothache, is getting rid of  the pain as fast as possible.

Some states have laws that require a dentist to do at least a brief exam before prescribing any medicine. If you are fortunate enough to call your dentist's emergency number, that will sometimes give you a prescription for pain medication, which have side effects. Some medication state; take with food, while others actually recommend you do not drive while the medicine is in your system.

These natural toothache remedies do not have any warnings attached. Not only are they effective and naturally deal with the pain, there are no ill effects and they work very quickly too. The cost and availability are astoundingly good too.

This information is not to take the place of seeing a dentist, but it sure can keep your sanity until you can get an appointment. When a person has a toothache, the sufferer, will do almost anything to get some relief. The success of this toothache treatment is factual. I have had this work for me. Even if you do not know me, you will someday be able to either use this information for yourself or for someone else that has a toothache and prove its validity. Naturally treating a toothache means that you can help a child with this remedy as well, since it is safe for young children, however is not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Consider this, the next time your toothache annoys you. Take a clove of garlic and peel off the tissue-like outer layer. Using a sharp knife, slice a small, thin portion of that garlic clove and place it next to the gum of the toothache. Only a small sliver will do the job nicely. Hold this sliver of garlic between the gum and your cheek for 1/2 hour.

Be prepared to have that area feel some burning-like sensation without too much discomfort. In comparison to the toothache, the mild discomfort is very minimal. Within the application of the sliver of garlic going on the gum, and 1/2 hour or less, you will get relief.

Most homes are never without an onion. We use them for cooking, but here is a natural remedy for a toothache with  the inside of that bulb.

Select any onion bulb. Peel away all tissue-like outer coatings of the onion. With a sharp knife, cut a slice of the moist part of that onion. Place that sliver next to the gum of the tooth that is painful. Let that sit in that position for 1/2 hour for relief of a toothache. Repeat until you are able to get to a dentist to find out what is causing your toothache. You will experience relief of the pain and not have side effects.

Cloves are a natural toothache ingredient in some OTC treatments. In your kitchen spice rack should be whole cloves; the fresher cloves, the better. Finely grind, with a spoon or mortar and pestle, an individual whole clove piece. Place the pulverized clove on the gum line of the toothache for a natural treatment. Leave in place as long as it it tolerated and replace as needed.

For people who have a toothache and do not have high blood pressure or other medical health conditions that salt needs to be avoided; this will provide a natural toothache remedy. In a small microwave container pour 1/2 cup of water. Heat until very hot. Add 4 tablespoons of table salt, stirring until all dissolved in a super saturated salt solution. Let water and salt cool to room temperature. Swish and let stand around the tooth that has pain. This can be done as often as desired for relief of mouth pain.

Hydrogen peroxide is often in the home first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Pour several tablespoons in a small drinking cup. This will not be swallowed, however will not be detrimental if some of it does. Swish hydrogen peroxide around the aching tooth as often as is tolerated. Be aware this will bubble, so expectorate saliva and peroxide and then repeat for a natural toothache remedy.

Not only can these be effective, they are money saving ideas at a fraction of the cost of any prescribed or over the counter pain medicine. These are natural treatments that work well without side effects to any age person. Try them and share this information with anyone who might consider using an alternative to the usual treatment for a toothache. Life gets back to "comfortable" when the toothache pain is managed with natural treatments.

 Resources:  Roberta Baxter's personal natural toothache treatments and verified by dentist practicing 20 years.

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I have used cloves for tooth aches but never cloves of garlic. Wow you cure your toothache but destroy your breath!

Great information on these natural remedies.

Excellent information, Roberta.

Bookmarked. This will come handy anytime.

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