Vs. Dental Insurance: is the Dental Care As Good?
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People RX is not an insurance company. They are a network of providers which has negotiated large discounts with thousands of dentists across the nation, allowing you to save money on dental costs if you are a member of the network. Studies centered around dental health, and oral hygiene are suggesting that taking good care of your teeth and your oral hygiene can have far reaching effects. These studies are now determining that poor oral and dental health can be tied to diabetes, and even heart disease. I'm sure you know all the reasons, including how important it is to have a nice smile. That is what people focus on when they make their first impression of you. Yeah, you know that you should take good care of your teeth, you've been hearing it since pre-school.

What they didn't explain in preschool is how much dental work costs! How can you afford dental care, especially if you don't have dental insurance? You should get two cleanings per year. You need to have x-rays and take care of any minor cavities before they turn into root canals and extractions. First, you need to find a dentist! It's been so long, right? Who wants to spend money on feeling uncomfortable for a few minutes! But do you know what? You gotta bite the bullet! (don't break a tooth)

At, they want to help you make your dental care the priority it should be. We all know it's important to visit the dentist regularly. We all know it's expensive. is NOT insurance coverage. It's something else entirely. Like an insurance company we have a network of dentists that we interact with. They put a lot of time into getting this network together, so you can join with thousands of others in your area to get lower prices on dental care.

Now if this is not an insurance company...As I explained it is not, then how is the network they built a value to you and me? It comes from the discounts they negotiated with the dentists that chose to participate. As it stands it is probably worth it to the dentist to give a discount because he doesn't have to use his resources to go through the lengthy process of getting the bill through the insurance company. Medical billing is a nightmare. Ask anyone who does it for a living, they will tell you that it is so.

Of course the dentists put themselves in line to receive new patients, if that is what they are looking for. Who knows how the dentistry business works? I'm sure dentists do. There are over 66,000 dentists in this network. That seems to indicate that dentists, many of them, want to be a part of DentalPlans. Why should you want to be a part?

Simple math says that if the savings are greater than the cost...You made a good move! Let's weigh out a couple hypothetical scenarios. But first, let's get an idea of what kind of savings we are looking at: They say 15% to 50% on most dental procedures. So if you need a crown, and those puppies cost a ton, like nearly $2,000.00, and if the savings on this is only 15% (it could be as much as 50%) then you saved at least $300.00. Believe it or not that covers the cost of the plan for almost six years!

There will be savings on many other common procedures too: General dentistry, cleanings, fillings, root canal and even orthodontics. If you plan on spending some money on your mouth, then it's easy to see where this plan will get you the money you spent on the plan, back right away in savings. By the you wear glasses? Random question, I admit. But not really when you consider that...

DentalPlans also offers this same set up for those of us who wear glasses or contacts. Just to mention a couple out of many: Pearle Vision Center and J. C. Penny Optical are on a very long list of providers for this plan. There are 11,000 locations in total. Much like Dental Plus, it saves you 20% to 60%. They even get these savings on elective eye surgery including PRK and LASIK. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are these surgeries worth five grand or what? A 20% savings is a thousand dollars in your pocket, if you decide to have this operation...I would, I think that is an amazing use of technology there.

Of course if you decide to go the glasses / contacts route -they have you covered there too. Go to almost any popular or otherwise reputable and well known eye care center like Pearle Vision There you will simply show your card and receive you savings. Not a bad deal huh? Are you agreeing before I even tell you what the vision care part of the plan costs? Are you just assuming it costs the same as Dental Plus? Well, you are wrong...It is free! It is actually included in the Dental Plus Plan.

The greatest advantage of this plan might even be psychological. Maybe because you signed up -and pay that $5.00 per month, you want to get your money's worth...So you go to the dentist twice per year. Even though you are afraid...It's a motivator. It gets you to make a commitment to your own dental health and dental practice. Your smile is the bling of your face, spend some money on it! And spend a lot less money after the discounts this plan will get you. Not just on your dental care, and that attractive smile, but on another facial accessory: Glasses, or lack there of -because you wear contacts. With PeopleRx you get huge discounts on both.

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